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Gender Therapy

​Lisette Rose Lahana, LCSW has provided mental healthcare to transgender, non binary, agender, and gender diverse individuals for over twenty years. 
Gender affirming psychotherapy is healthcare that is medically necessary.Research validates it's positive impact on mental health outcomes for youth and adults.    
Getting to know your new therapist starts with a first step. 
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Some of you may come to explore your gender, your experience of your body, and who you are socially.  Or you may have started to make changes but are dealing with the impact of disclosure on family, partners or school/work. Therapy is focused on where you are at, without forcing any particular direction or identity.   Questioning can also involve moving to a new position on your gender path, having transitioned previously. If you are intersex you may have been traumatized by the medical system or how you've been treated.   Our care for you, and all our clients, is trauma-informed care.  Working on your gender is often less scary when collaborating with a patient, skilled, compassionate therapist. 


Lisette Lahana has worked with youth, adults as well as their loved ones, since 1999. Currently she is only working with kids who are able to engage with through video sessions, typically 9+.  She has a solid relationship with the UCSF Child and Adolescent Gender Center and Bay Area Gender Affirming surgeons.  She is happy to provide gender health evaluations, which result in letters,  for her own clients or for others when time permits.

Group programming includes an ongoing twice monthly Thursday night Gender Therapy Group and a new group for Partners of Gender Diverse People  two Wednesdays a month,  forming in 2024.

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