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Working as An Associate at Authentic Alliance

Authentic Alliance, A Licensed Clinical Social Worker Professional Corporation is currently taking applications for post-graduate, license eligible (AMFT, ASW, APCC) clinical associates who are looking to gain supervised professional experience toward licensure in California.

We are seeking associates to be a part of an LGBTQIA-focused mental health practice where clinicians provide supervised telehealth and in-person care. We welcome associates who have an interest in working with youth as well as those who have an adult focus. The practice is also open to therapists who enjoy working with polyamorous and/or clients in the kink community.  The ideal candidates would build and maintain a full-time caseload of 18+ clients. We are open to employing associates who are based anywhere in California. We have an in-person site in Oakland, CA. Those associates building towards full-time can choose to be 100% remote or we will consider establishing a hybrid telehealth/in-person practice in their area.


We are especially interested in hiring associates who have a specific interest in providing psychotherapy to gender diverse clients. The supervisor, Lisette Lahana, LCSW (LCS #23663) has 25 years of experience serving transgender and non binary people and their loved ones—both individually and in groups. She is also a Certified WPATH GEI SOC8 Mentor.


We offer an hour of supervision for up to ten clients (a mix of triadic and individual). If you see more than ten clients a week, you may receive group supervision for the additional supervision hour. Our practice has an established administrative structure and offers competitive compensation: $56/client hour and $85/hr for group, and  $20/hr for non clinical tasks. Therapists who build up to an average of 18 or more clients on their caseload are paid $62/hour.


We are looking for associates who can commit to staying with us for the duration of time obtaining their licensing hours. In addition to client hours, associates must dedicate 2-5 hours each week for supervision, training, documentation, case management, and/or marketing, depending on caseload numbers (paid at non-clinical rate of $20/hr) 


Authentic Alliance strives to provide services to our diverse community in California. We are establishing a team that reflects the identities of the clients we serve. All interested individuals, but especially those who identify as BIPOC, neurodivergent, disabled, transgender, intersex, and/or non binary, are urged to apply. Spanish-speaking associates are welcome.


We are proud to be fostering the growth of the next generation of talented therapists.  You may apply for the position through this webpage.

Please pass this on to colleagues you feel might be a great fit.

Questions? Please reach out to the practice owner, Lisette Lahana, LCSW at (707) 596-9696




- Conduct individual and group therapy sessions with clients under supervision

- Provide mental health counseling to individuals in your desired age-range (Ages 10 and up)

- Perform comprehensive assessments to determine appropriate treatment plans

- Develop and implement treatment interventions

- Collaborate with other healthcare professionals to coordinate care

-Advocate for or teach self-advocacy for clients within systems such as schools, hospitals, medical practices, and institutions

- Utilize evidence-based interventions in therapy sessions

- Provide crisis intervention services as needed

- Maintain accurate and up-to-date client records




- Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling or related field

- Obtain required licenses

- Ability to maintain client confidentiality and follow HIPAA policies

- Ability to develop individualized treatment plans for clients based on their unique needs

- Clinical experience and interest in transgender, non binary, gender-questioning and sexual minorities is required

- Comfortable with conducting therapy and/or group therapy as a telehealth provider

-Ability to utilize electronic medical records systems

-Own a computer for telehealth sessions (laptop and utilities for remote work reimbursed)

-Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Google programs and Slack

-Open to feedback from supervisor(s) and having the ability to use it to make improvements

-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including comfort in triadic or group supervision contexts

Join Us!

Through the google form you can submit a CV, cover letter with your timeline for a hire, any relevant training, clinical experience or other experiences related to our client population. 

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