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Gender-Focused Monthly Consultation Groups
*Note: WPATH Mentorship hours can be obtained in these groups

Groups with Openings

  • 3rd Monday 8:00am-9:50am PST/11am EST All Levels (more youth-focused)

  • 1st Tuesday 9:00am PST/12:00 pm EST Intermediate to Advanced Levels

  • 1st Friday 10:00-11:50am PST/1:00pm EST All Levels

  • 2nd Friday 8:00am/11am EST All Levels (more youth-focused)

  • 4th Friday 10-11:50am PST/1:00pm EST Advanced Gender Therapists

Group of 9 different therapists in front of computers in 9 square tiles arranged symetrically, like a in a zoom meeting.

Interested in a Group

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What Are Groups About?​

In groups you consult on challenging cases with Lisette Lahana, a Senior Gender Therapist,  WPATH GEI SOC8 Certified Member and WPATH Certified Mentor.  Lisette has been seeing clients in the transgender and gender diverse community since 1999. You'll get support to develop clinical skills, assess and prepare clients for medical interventions. Group can help you support gender diverse people as they move through gender changes while navigating bias and challenges to their very existence. Family members and partners too need compassionate, knowledgeable therapists to support them on their path.

Groups are primarily case-focused but may include discussion topics or didactic info. We discuss our cases with a focus on building your WPATH Core Competencies.  Each group includes therapists who work with adults and youth, though some are more youth-focused.

Graduate students and interns welcome as long as you are engaged in clinical work. 


Maximum: 9 members.

Most groups have six or more members and are 1 hour and 50 minutes long. 

Smaller groups are 1 hr and 25 mins. 

WPATH Mentorship

If you attend eight group meetings, they count towards a total of 8 hours of WPATH Mentorship. The other two of ten hours are obtained individually.   


A recurring monthly payment of $80 is billed to your credit card whether or not you attend each month. To grow our diverse gender therapist network, there are lower fee slots ($30-$65).

Getting Started​

Book a free, 15 min intro meeting to learn if group is a good fit for you. Call 510-915-4795 or fill out the group contact form on this page.

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