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Working as a Coach with Authentic Alliance
Authentic Alliance, A Licensed Clinical Social Worker Professional Corporation is currently expanding it's offerings to include coaching.  We are taking applications for experienced Life Coaches focused on helping people reach their full potential. 

We are seeking life coaches who have coaching certifications from programs such as: iPEC, ICF, or the Health Coach Institute.  The ideal candidates would build and maintain 18+ clients meetings a week. For the right fit, we are open to employing coaches residing outside of California. Your client base can be open across state lines or internationally based.    Though you are welcome to see any coaching client through our practice, we are primarily interested in coaches who have expertise with LGBTQIA clients and/or neurodivergent people. We are open to hiring gender doulas and image consultants in the role of coach with flexibility to change the job title.  

Our practice has an established administrative structure, intake coordinator, social media contractor, and offers competitive compensation.  You get to do the coaching and we create the structure and referral base for you to do your work.  Coaches receive a base rate of $25/hr per hour worked.  When you see a client for a coaching hour you receive a commission per coaching hour of 53% of the client fees minus the base rate.  For example, you see a client who pays your $200 full coaching rate.  You receive $25/hr plus $81 commission (53% of $200 minus the $25 base rate) which equals $106 for the hour.


Authentic Alliance encourages all their providers to offer lower fees for at least 15-20% of their clients.  Each coaching "hour" with clients is 45 minutes and the final 15 minutes of the hour are reserved for your notes and brief weekly client communication.  You may also split the coaching hour into twice a week instead.  Coaches are expected to communicate briefly with their clients at least once per week to help clients with accountability towards homework or steps towards changes they are making. 

Coaching is not psychotherapy though we expect every coach who works with us to be trauma-informed.   Coaches are expected to consult with their supervisor if they have concerns that their coaching client is more appropriate for a referral to a therapist in their local region.  As we are a newly established group practice, you’ll have an important role in building our practice’s professional reputation and specialized offerings.


Some of the issues we hope you may be able to work with clients on are: gender transition education and support, career coaching, image consultation, parent transition coaching, HAES/intuitive eating, or creating rituals for life changes, executive function coaching for people who are autistic, have learning differences, have ADHD (eg. completing work or school assignments).  We would also value a coach who can help clients take action on how to make friends or date, how to get socially or physically active, and entering into a new community (eg. LGBT or kink/poly communities).
The hourly position can accommodate over 18 client hours, but we will consider part-time coaches (minimum 10 hours) .   We cannot guarantee a certain number of coaching clients each week. Coaches can expect that building a client list often take time, as well as the coach's partnership with the practice’s marketing efforts. 
Authentic Alliance is establishing a team that reflects the identities of the clients we serve. All interested individuals, but especially those who identify as BIPOC, neurodivergent, disabled, transgender, intersex, and/or non binary, are urged to apply. We know coaches have many different specializations and we are excited to learn more about yours and how it can benefit our practice. 
You may apply for the position through this google form.
Please pass this on to colleagues you feel might be a great fit.
Questions? Please reach out to the practice owner, Lisette Lahana, LCSW at (707) 596-9696
Benefits and Pay
•Pay:  $25/hour base pay for attending staff meetings or training attendance and commission based coaching pay of $53-$106/hr

• Group income is typically higher paying based on number of clients in group as well fees received

• 401K after a year of employment with up to 3.5% match

• Employer charity matching 

•Expected work hours: 10 – 26 per week
•Flexible schedule
•Sick leave

•Up to 5 weeks unpaid leave allowable per year
•Reimbursement for monthly listings on coaching websites

•Reimbursement for at least one conference or educational workshop related to your coaching practice population each year (up to $300/yr)

Coaches with 18+ clients*

•Reimbursement of up to $500/month of health insurance premium
*after 8 weeks of 18 or more average number of coaching clients per week

- Conduct individual and group coaching with clients of various ages and backgrounds
- Collaborate with healthcare professionals to coordinate care and identify coaching goals
-Advocate for or teach self-advocacy for clients within systems such as schools, hospitals, medical practices, and institutions

-Attend meetings with staff or supervisor (1-2 hours a month)
- Utilize coaching strategies in line with standard coaching industry practices
- Maintain accurate and up-to-date client coaching records in company records system
- The applicant will have graduated from a formal life coaching or health coaching program and has received certification from that program.
-Maintain own professional individual liability insurance (in addition to the practice’s group insurance)
- Ability to maintain client confidentiality and follow your code of professional ethics.
- Ability to develop individualized coaching plans for clients 
- Experience with and interest in transgender, non binary, gender-questioning and sexual minorities and alternative relationship structures/dynamics required. 
- Comfortable with conducting coaching and/or groups online
-Ability to utilize electronic records systems
-Strong wifi and own a computer for video sessions (phone, laptop and utilities for remote work reimbursed)
-Proficient in Google programs such as Google Docs and Google Sheets
Open to feedback from supervisor(s) and have the ability to use it to make improvements
-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Join Us!

Through the google form you can submit a CV, cover letter with your timeline for a hire, any relevant training, coaching experience or other experiences related to our LGBT client population. 

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